​Relaxed, practical, beautiful design. I strive to design interesting interiors that are comfortable and visually stimulating, yet practical through the use of space and materials. I believe beauty is in the details and that a touch of the unexpected brings added character.

The integrity of the design is important to me and I try to incorporate sustainable materials, vintage furnishings and products that are honestly produced and made.

My story

​My interest in interior design stems from a very young age. I grew up in Australia with a mother that was a fabulous home maker, having repeated the experience at least 15 times as far as I can count.

Over the years I have had the chance to renovate and design a few houses of my own, and have often given advice to family and friends about how best to use and decorate their living space.

When I first shifted to the Netherlands I worked as a freelance interior designer carrying out projects for retail chains Ahold and Gall & Gall amongst others. After then working for a number of years as a healthcare communications professional I decided to once again pursue my interest in interior design. In June 2011, I graduated with Honours (Cum Laude) from Perk Interior Studies (Perk Interieuropleidingen) situated in Eindhoven.


Style direction
Spatial plan
Color schemes
Accessories and art



​I’m a visually oriented person and inspiration can come to me from just about anywhere. I find that I am attracted to things that are a little out of the ordinary or slightly quirky. But I also love clean, simple objects and spaces, as well as things inspired by nature.

English - Native

Dutch - Fluent